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The Constellations - A Guide to the Orchestra (full album)


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This is the entire album in CD quality 320kbit mp3s.
Jonathan Peters
The Constellations - a Guide to the Orchestra
© 2008 Jonathan Peters (700261264899)
Genre: Classical Programmatic (story-telling)
Instrumentation: Full Orchestra (with and without narration)
Description: Musical story telling at its finest. If you enjoy Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" you are sure to love this fun and refreshing guide to the orchestra.
Very easy listening for all ages! You will be captivated by the telling of the Greek myths behind the constellations in both word and song. Learn to recognize each instrument of the orchestra by sight and sound. (CD includes pictures) Listen as each instrument of the orchestra tells a different constellation story, culminating in the beauty and wonder of the star-filled night sky depicted by the entire orchestra.

Tracks 1-15 (with narration)
Tracks 16-29 (without narration)

Jonathan Peters is an award-winning composer whose music has been performed both in the United Sates and Europe. Besides working as a composer he currently teaches piano and music theory in Southern California.
1 Intro
2 Perseus
3 Pegasus
4 Andromeda and Cetus
5 Hercules
6 Leo
7 Hydra
8 Lyra
9 Lepus
10 Orion and Scorpius
11 Delphinus
12 Gemini
13 Ursa Major and Minor
14 Eridanus
15 The Night Sky
16 The Trumpet
17 The Violin
18 The Flute and Double Bass
19 The Trombone and Timpani Drums
20 The Percussion Section
21 The Viola and Cello
22 The Harp
23 The Piccolo
24 The French Horn and Oboe
25 The Clarinet
26 The Xylophone and Glockenspiel
27 The Tuba, Bassoon and Contrabassoon
28 The Celesta
29 The Orchestra
Both fun and educational!!
author: Andrew

This CD is a great tool for teachers. Not only do the kids learn about each instrument of the orchestra but they also learn about star constellations and Greek/Roman mythology all at the same time. As a music teacher I found this CD to work well for all age groups. It’s not too long for younger kids and can hold their attention spans. There are also multiple ways you can use the CD for different levels of learning. For younger children you can have them match the instrument pictures to the music they are hearing. You can also play back the tracks without the narration (a wonderful option on this CD) and see if they can recognize which instrument is playing. For older kids you can have them try and identify each musical theme in the finale and see if they can tell you which movement it came from and which instrument theme it is. Although I would definitely recommend this CD to other teachers for children, it is also just a very enjoyable work for music lovers of all ages.

Product Code: THEX7

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