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Symphony No. 1 - Journey of the Ring (full album)


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This is the entire album in CD quality 320kbit mp3s.
Jonathan Peters
Genre: Movie score/Classical symphony
Instrumentation: Full orchestra
Description: Music inspired by Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Tolkien fans and classical music lovers alike are sure to enjoy the retelling of this timeless tale put to music.
Travel with Frodo on his Journey from the Shire to Mount Doom and back! This massive hour long orchestral work by award-winning composer Jonathan Peters takes you through the entire novel depicting all of the major chapters, events and peoples. An amazing cross between a movie sound track and a classical symphony. It has been called the "unofficial sound track to the book" by fans. Read the reviews below...they speak for themselves!
  • “As enchanting as Tolkien's written word.”
Jessica Burke
(Co-chair of the New York Tolkien Society)
  • “I am thrilled with your music and its links with the Tolkien characters and events. Thank you so much for bringing so many JRRT fans so much pleasure in your beautiful and descriptive major work.”
Roger J. Lawrence
(A member of “Amon Hen” a Tolkien Society in the U.K.)
  • “The unofficial soundtrack to the books.” buyer
  • “The best Tolkien-inspired music I have heard. It made me wonder what Howard Shore could have done if he was unconstrained by the requirements of a movie score.”
            Mike Williams
            (Owner of
  • “A tribute to Peters’ musical storytelling. says check it out.”
            Chris Seeman
            (Owner of
1 Concerning Hobbits
2 Rivendell
3 A Journey in the Dark - The Bridge of Khazd-Dûm
4 Lothlórien
5 The Taming of Sméagol
6 The Riders of Rohan - The King of the Golden Hall
7 Helm's Deep
8 Minas Tirath - The Siege of Gondor - The Battle of the Pelennor
9 Shelob's Lair - The Choices of Master Samwise
10 The Black Gate Opens - Mount Doom
11 The Grey Havens
  • author: Madeleine Lessard

    This was great! All the emotions are so accessible, but so deep and true to the story also. Even my ten year old brother could tell what part of the story we were at by listening to a little bit.

  • Great music!
    author: Anne Marie - FrodoandSam-aholic

    Very good version of the story, great classical music, sounds like an movie soundtrack. Best of the music I've heard out there inspired by this masterpiece of a story. Thank you, Mr. Peters! God bless.

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