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Missale Romanum - 1862 Printing of the 1634 Edition


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Missale Romanum - 1862 Printing of the 1634 Edition.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, volume X page 357:

"The first printed edition of the " Missale Romanum "
was produced at Milan
in 1474. Numerous editions followed, but nothing
authoritative appeared until the Council of Trent left
in the hands of the pope the charge of seeing to the
revision of a Catechism, Breviary, and Missal. This
last, committed to the care of Cardinals Scotti and
Sirlet with Thomas Goldwell (an Englishman, Bishop
of St. Asaph, deprived of his see upon the accession of
Elizabeth), and Julius Poggio, was published in 1570.
St. Pius V published a Bull on the occasion, still
printed at the beginning of the Missal, in which he
enjoined that all dioceses and religious orders of the
Latin Rite should use the new revision and no other,
excepting only such bodies as could prove a prescription
of two hundred years. In this way the older
orders like the Carthusians and the Dominicans were
enabled to retain their ancient liturgical usages, but
the new book was accepted throughout the greater
part of Europe. A revised edition of the "Missale
Romanum " appeared in 1604 accompanied by a brief
of Clement VIII in which the pontiff complained
among other things that the vetus Itala version of the
Scripture which had been retained in the antiphonal
passages of the Pian Missal had been replaced, through
the unauthorized action of certain printers, by the
text of the newly edited Vulgate. Another revision
bearing more especially upon the rubrics followed
under Urban VIII in 1634. "

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